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Conference Offer 2022

Digital Services Lab

Let’s brainstorm, strategise and define some goals!!

A FREE website check-up!

Conference Offer: A free half-hour user experience audit or strategy session to help your non-profit website shine online.

We can use our session to cover:

  • Website Strategy
  • User experience 
  • Online engagement ideas
  • Tools to improve your day-to-day
  • A particular page/pages
  • A content review

We specialise in servicing non-profits and ethical businesses.

We LOVE working with people who LOVE doing good!

What you can expect:



to improve your website.


Practical steps

to help your websote shine online

Insight for Impact!

Get some golden advice on connecting with your community.

 Book here! 

Bel Temby

Bel Temby


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