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Bel's Offers 2021

Digital Services Lab

Let’s brainstorm, strategise and define some goals!!

A FREE strategy session!

Latest Webinar Offer: A free 20 minute brainstorming or strategy session to kick around ideas for your next AGM or Annual Report.

You might want a fresh set of professional eyes on your website or perhaps you’re interested in some feedback on how to move forward.  We can use our session to cover:

  • Annual report ideas
  • Annual reports on your website
  • AGM engagement ideas
  • Tools to help you
  • Content review

We specialise in servicing non-profits and ethical businesses.

We LOVE working with people who LOVE doing good!

What you can expect:



to improve what you do.


Practical steps

to help your AGM or Annual Report Shine


Insight for Impact!

Get some golden advice on connecting with your community.

 Book here! 

Bel Temby

Bel Temby


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