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The 90-Day Marketing Lab


Guided Marketing Experiments for Non-Profits

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Ignite Your Marketing

In this transformative three-month program, you won’t just be learning about marketing – you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and diving headfirst into the world of marketing experiments. With our guidance, you’ll activate a new experiment each month, testing the waters and pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible.

Month 1: The Launchpad
We kick things off by setting the stage for your marketing experiment journey. You’ll teach you the foundations of marketing and you’ll learn how to set up your first experiment. By the end of the month, you’ll have launched your first marketing experiment and be on your way to making waves in your organisation.

Month 2: The Incubator
Now that you’ve got a taste for experimentation, it’s time to dig deeper. We’ll explore marketing techniques, and you’ll set up and launch your second experiment. This is where you’ll really start to see the impact of your work as you analyse the results and make results-driven decisions.

Month 3: The Experiment Evolution
In the final stretch, we’ll take everything you’ve learned, all the results you’ve collected, and use it to refine and optimise your approach. You’ll set up your third experiment, putting your newfound knowledge to the test. At the end of this exciting journey, you’ll not only have three real-world marketing experiments under your belt but also a robust toolbox of skills and insights to keep driving your marketing success forward.

This is RIGHT for you if:

  • You are representing a non-profit organisation
  • You are willing to put in the effort and experiment
  • You know it’s worth thinking outside the box
  • You are willing to share success or failure in a group setting
  • You want to be held accountable and encouraged to take action

Program Details

Delivery: Online, Fortnightly on Tuesday
Start Date: Tuesday March 26th
End Date: Tuesday June 4th
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30pm AESTD
Location: Online via zoom
Cost: $547 + GST

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Bel Temby

Bel Temby


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The quality of instruction for this course was excellent and the materials were very practical and helped me to identify goals. I would recommend this course to others as it’s very valuable information for all NFPs to learn how to save time and be more efficient.

Vicky Mann
Coordinator, KRNH
What I loved most about today’s workshop was that it was very relatable and delivered in terms we could all understand. I have taken away many useful ideas and things to work on.

Tracey Goss
Whittlesea Agricultural Society
Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get to do some training that leaves us buzzing with ideas for days after. Thanks heaps @digitalserviceslab Terrific afternoon!

Ross O’Rourke
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