Project:R. Tucker Thompson

Project Summary

You are a trusted, reputable organisation with fantastic Trip Advisor reviews and a beautiful story.Great opportunities exist for a new website to showcase and sell your tourism adventures whilst leveraging off your exisiting digital presence and showcasing the youth development side of the work.Jane Hindle has provided a comprehensive website brief together with key areas of focus to enhance your online presence. Given the pandemic and the crushing impact it has had on overseas tourism there is now an opportunity to better reach and communicate with the domestic tourist audiences in New Zealand.  You need a website that has an upgraded design, is user friendly and assists the customer journey.The R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust further needs a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to highlight the impact and achievements of the youth development work, attract clients and families and encourage stakeholders to get involved. It is important the website looks fresh, follows modern day design principles, is easy to navigate, and captures the existing information on the website.Jane Hindle has invited Bel, Director from Digital Services Lab to provide a proposal. Digital Services Lab Team has reviewed all documentation and had a meeting with Jane and feel we have a great understanding of the scope of work and clarity about the purpose and needs of the Trust. We have explained more about how we plan to achieve this in the next pages.

Key Requirements