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Project: Highways & Byways

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Project Summary

Highways and Byways a Community of Service provide an annual small grants program and have had a huge impact on communities located in remote and rural Australia.

With advancing technology and the rise of social media, Highways and Byways needed a website to align with the goals of their business and to better reach and communicate with their target audiences.

Highways and Byways wanted a powerful marketing and communications tool to highlight the impact and achievements of their work, attract new donors, attract new applicants for their grants and encourage people to get involved.

Highways and Byways partnered with Digital Services Lab to design and develop a brand new website.

Key Requirements

  • Accept grant applications online
  • Beautiful design
  • Accept donations online
  • Feature news and events
  • Feature new projects and partnerships
  • Demonstrate the impact of Highways and Byways’ work
  • Build reporting feature for grant acquitals

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