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SEO is about being found online for the things you want to be found for. SEO is important for every manager who understands  the value of bringing more people toward their business.

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Why is SEO important for your organisation?

  • So that people who need you can find you
  • Because people trust Search Engines to find information for them
  • So you can be found online by your stakeholders
  • Many people in the sector don’t even consider SEO and this could make it easier for you to rank higher in a search engine
SEO is about being found online for the things you want to be found for. If a person has a problem they are trying to solve they will often enter a search term in a browser like Google.  Google displays results and if you have good SEO in place it might be you that comes up in those results.
Many non-profits ignore SEO mainly because they think it is not for them or it’s too complicated or expensive. BUT, you operate to help people or advocate for a cause and good SEO can act like an online megaphone for what you do, to build your audience and bring visitors to your website and in turn, to your doorstep.
A good SEO Strategy can create interesting and new work for you and your team.  It can involve you or your team writing about what you do, why it’s important and publishing professional content online.  This raises your reputation, builds new skills and ultimately drives people to your website.
At Digital Services Lab, our mission is simple:

We exist to help raise the voice and visualisation of non-profits in a digital world.

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