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Digital Strategy Workshop

Are you looking to strengthen your online presence? Drive traffic, plan content, build an online community? Make sure you have a strategy in place before you move forward.

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“Strategiser” Digital Strategy Workshop

The Strategiser is designed to help you assess your needs, set your goals and prioritise your actions.  There is no point investing in websites, taking on contractors or staff, running social media and other digital marketing unless you have a clear strategy with specific measures in place.  We know having an online presence is extremely important and our workshop will help you make decisions about which aspects are important to your business. One thing is clear: if you don’t have a digital strategy you will be sure to waste time and money.
  • How do you stand out online and promote your cause or products and services?
  • How do you look professional for prospective partners, grant makers or donors?
  • How are you found online?
  • How do you track success of your online activities?
  • Are you offering a good user experience?
These are just some of the questions we explore in the Strategiser.

To have success online you must have clearly defined goals and this is exactly what the Strategiser Workshop will help you determine.

Our workshop is suited to people reviewing their current digital strategy or for those who do not have a digital strategy.  You do not need digital skills to attend this workshop.

This workshop is for those who make decisions about their online presence, people who manage your online activities or those who want to learn more about the digital landscape and how to use it to reach more people, to spread your message and to make the most of what you already do online.

We take into account limited resources, limited budgets and ensure information can be absorbed by participants who have varied understanding of digital concepts.

Participants will walk away with a draft digital strategy for your organisation and receive workshop materials to take home.

This intensive half-day workshop is designed to help you:
  • Define your digital goals
  • Prioritise your actions for the year ahead
  • Build a plan for a new website or improve an existing website
  • Communicate your digital goals to your team or board
  • Prepare instructions when outsourcing to specialists
  • Measure success
  • Design a yearly content plan
  • Consider social media opportunities
  • Learn about free, discounted and low-cost online tools to improve your online presence and create efficiencies

Private Workshop

Would you like to book a Strategiser Workshop in for your organisation?

Please get in touch and we’ll work out a plan.

Bel Temby, Director of Digital Services Lab is the facilitator of these intimate interactive workshops in Melbourne.

We ensure you get a chance to ask questions specific to your organisation and we give you great ideas about boosting your reach and spreading your message (the reason you exist) to the rest of the world.


The quality of instruction for this course was excellent and the materials were very practical and helped me to identify goals. I would recommend this course to others as it’s very valuable information for all NFPs to learn how to save time and be more efficient.

Vicky Mann
Coordinator, KRNH
What I loved most about today’s workshop was that it was very relatable and delivered in terms we could all understand. I have taken away many useful ideas and things to work on.

Tracey Goss
Whittlesea Agricultural Society
Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get to do some training that leaves us buzzing with ideas for days after. Thanks heaps @digitalserviceslab Terrific afternoon!

Ross O’Rourke
We currently offer private workshops via Zoom with individuals or organisations. If you would like to arrange a private workshop, please do get in touch with us.

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