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Your new website will need to be kept fresh and up-to-date but you will also need a plan to drive traffic and increase website visitors. Here are some tips to help you increase your reach:

1. Offline Marketing
Yes I said it and not many web developers would. Business is all about making connections and let’s face it: a lot of them happen offline.  Everywhere you go, make sure you take a business card and maybe a brochure all linking back to your website. Instead of hoping people get in touch with you make sure you get their details and send an introductory email linking back to your website and follow them up. So few businesses make this additional effort.

2. Include your website address in your email signature
I see so many lost opportunities in the email signature so make sure you link to your website and socials.

3. Build some online connections who will link to your website
Just like the offline marketing there are potential opportunities to find like-minded business and peak bodies that will link to your website. A link to your website from another website is a great compliment and will help drive traffic. Some could be paid and many are free. Perhaps you could write a guest post for a business that has a great reputation and an online following?

4. Build up Google reviews
Asking people to provide a review on Google instead of a testimonial you can add to your website. Once you have your review you can then add it to your website. You will need a Google My Business Account to get started. If you don’t have one you can create one using Google My Business.

5. Fresh Content is key
Google looks to see if a website is wide awake or deep in sleep. So make sure you write blog posts, update image galleries, add new content (including testimonials) and just keep it all going.

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