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Website care plans

Let us take care of your website for you

Our Website Care Plans are designed for those using WordPress.

We have the skills and knowledge to take care of it for you and the best part?  It’s very affordable.

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How do you take care of your website?

Do you perform regular security updates, check for performance and update your content?

Try not to leave the technical website management tasks to your accidental I.T. person and think about this:

  • What happens if the person running your website leaves? 
  • Who takes care of the more complex aspects of website management?
  • How do you ensure security?
  • Are you taking regular backups?
  • How do you address bigger problems like downtime, hacks or loss of functionality?

At Digital Services Lab, we have the skills, knowledge and process to take care of it for you.  Our website care plans are for WordPress websites and they’re perfect for businesses who don’t have a dedicated website manager. And the best part? It is super affordable. 


Our Care Plans

We have 3 plans available to suit the needs of your organisation. Please see the pricing tables below, or contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does priority support mean?

Priority support means that if the scenario arises where we have multiple support requests come in at the same time, those customers with priority support will be assisted first.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation or SEO, is the process of optimising your sites content so that you are found online by your target audience.
Among other things, this is done through research into the key words and key phrases that you want to be found for and adjusting and targeting your content appropriately.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that can give you valuable insight into your website traffic. It provides a huge volume of data but importantly it can tell you if your traffic is increasing over time or if recent marketing campaigns are working for you and where your traffic is coming from. If you are making SEO related improvements to your site, Google Analytics data will be a key indicator that your SEO strategy is working.

What happens in the SEO consult?

We’ll go through the process of reviewing your website content and discuss your business goals. We will identify your keyword or key phrases to drive traffic to your website in order to achieve your business goals. We will then implement the strategy over the course of the year to increase your visibility on search engines.

What is included in Monthly Content Changes?

Any alterations to the text, images, layout or other functional components of the site as well as any new content. Basically, any changes you request us to make on the site that are not bug fixes.

Why does my site need a monthly tune up?

Websites require ongoing care and maintenance to continue functioning well and importantly, to remain as secure as possible. Keeping all your site software up to date is key to ensuring ongoing security and performance. During the monthly tune up, we will update your plugins, your theme and WordPress core.

What security software do you use?

If you have a website care plan, we will install and configure Wordfence Security on your site.
This software provides a firewall for your site and among other things, it detects suspicious behaviour such as many repeated page not found errors over short periods of time, repeated bad password attempts and other activity that indicates a person or a bot is attempting to hack into your site. If such behaviour is detected, it will block the IP address of the user.

How do you monitor security?

Wordfence Security sends notifications to our security team if suspicious activity is detected on your site, or if it detects that software is out of date or unable to be updated.

Why do I need scheduled backups?

Have you ever been in the middle of writing an essay when your computer crashed and you lost everything because you hadn’t saved yet….?
Having regular scheduled backups – preferably offsite backups – is crucial to avoiding or minimising down time if that worst-case scenario occurs.
If you host with us, we include offsite backups with our hosting service. If you choose to host elsewhere, we will either configure local backups for you, or offsite backups to a location that you nominate and arrange.

What is in the website care report?

Our website care reports provide you important information about your support calls to us, analytics on your site, the status of your site software and results from our page checkups. You can see an example report just below.
These reports provide you clear and visible data on how your site is performing and the value you are getting from your website care plan.

What happens in the web page checkup?

During the monthly page checkup we will systematically check pages to ensure they look as they should, there are no unusual JavaScript errors being logged and all outbound links are pointing to real pages.
If we find any errors during the process, we will address them for you and you will see this in your website care report.

Example Website Care Report

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