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If you’re running a non-profit website then at the very least, you need an online donations tool.

My go-to tool for online donations is GIVE.  I installed this one at the small non-profit I run, Ellimatta Youth was very happy with it.

Give is FREE

And I give it 10 out of 10 for an out of the box plugin.   When I say FREE I mean you don’t have to pay an upfront or annual cost but with most things online you do need to invest either time in learning how to install it, configure it and test it or money in outsourcing to have it installed for you.  And every time someone makes an online donation you are not charged a fee by Give.

Give is straightforward to install.  So, if you are familiar with installing plugins into WordPress then it will be a breeze.  It’s also very easy to use once it’s set up and it comes with some pretty cool features and I’ll touch three key features now:

Goal setting and Goal Tracking
If you bother installing something or in fact doing anything in a non-profit I’m big on having a goal around it, with a plan to reach that goal and a system to track it.  Give allows you to set targets, publish them online, and gives you

There are plenty of options to add to Give.  You can customise more simple things like thank you messages and instructions for your donors.

It integrates well into your website to maintain the look and feel and it plays well with MailChimp and with PayPal.

What is out of the box I hear you say?  I mean it is a solution for a website that is pre-built.  It is ready to go and to be installed, it’s often made by a community of developers, usually made to fill a gap or address a problem.   It is also somewhat restrictive but it may be able to be altered with some code or extra development work.

The point with out of the box is you get a great product that is either free or at a fraction of the cost of a custom-made solution but it may not have everything you want or it may not work exactly as you want it to.  You must accept that where you don’t have a budget for custom-built solutions you need to adapt.

Give it a go. Excuse the pun.

Give website: https://givewp.com

If you would like help installing Give on your WordPress Website contact us!

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