Project:Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions

Project Summary

Australian RNDM is an International Missionary Congregation.The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions first arrived in Australia in 1897.Australian RNDM has so far utilized the international website located in Rome and has found they now require a new standalone website to showcase their particular projects, accept donation in Australian dollars to ensure the donor can get their tax deductible receipts. Essentially they need a new website to better reach and communicate with their target audiences and express more about the Australian chapter, the Sisters,and their international efforts.Australian RNDM needs a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to highlight the impact and achievements of their work, attract new donors and encourage people to get involved.Australian RNDM has approached Bel at Digital Services Lab to provide a proposal to design and develop a new website.

Key Requirements

  • Redesign the website in a modern and mobile/device friendly format
  • Explain the history of the sisters through a lovely timeline
  • Feature the great work of the Sisters in Australia and in overseas projects
  • Donations accepted online with required receipts