Project:Visit Mallacoota

Project Summary

Digital Services Lab has approached MDBTA with an offer to donate website design and development services. We offer one website build per year to a non-profit organisation and we would be delighted to offer this to MDBTA in 2020.We propose a to build a new website located at We will ensure the website uses best practice design principles and ensure it is well structured, responsive, containing increased functionality and a better user experience for all stakeholders.The purpose statement of the MDBTA reads: the MDBTA is an outcome driven group of Business and Tourism operators who actively engage in advocacy, assistance and representation for Mallacoota and District businesses to all tiers of government and relevant statutory bodies and to provide and share advice and information to members in order to develop and promote the standards and continuing success of member

Key Requirements

  • Encourage membership of the network
  • Be a conduit between visitors and business
  • Promotion of business's, activities and services
  • Support the membership base to: Increase revenue, access information such as grants, support & market their own business